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The medical instrument direction of the Department of Biomedical Engineering, School of Medicine, Tsinghua University, mainly includes the research content of intelligent instruments and medical equipment. This direction mainly focuses on the scientific instruments in the domestic scientific research field and the high-end medical equipment in the clinical field. Difficult, expensive to see a doctor!” and other major social demand issues, we will actively explore innovative technologies related to biomedical testing from multiple levels of molecules-tissues, cells-organs-small animals-humans, and develop intelligent advanced scientific instruments and high-end innovations. Medical equipment, obtained the national CFDA medical device product registration certificate and the EU CE certificate, etc., realized industrial transformation, carried out clinical demonstration and large-scale promotion and application, and met the actual needs of healthy China's biomedical frontier scientific research, clinical medical treatment, health and epidemic prevention. The specific research content includes five aspects: 1. Precision medicine molecular diagnostic technology and medical instrument research; 2. New biosensing technology and super-resolution measurement system research; 3. In-vivo imaging technology and multi-modal molecular imaging equipment research; 4. 5. Research on wearable physiological sensing technology and human health monitoring system; 5. Research on precision technology of traditional Chinese medicine and artificial intelligence health analysis system.

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