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Medical imaging is one of the important research directions of the biomedical engineering discipline of Tsinghua University. This direction is oriented to key issues and clinical needs in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of major diseases such as cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and tumors. It is at the forefront of imaging methods such as ultrasound, magnetic resonance, PET/CT, image reconstruction, post-processing, and artificial intelligence analysis. Research and promote the scientific and technological research and industrial transformation of the core components, software and hardware systems of my country’s large-scale high-end medical imaging equipment, committed to achieving independent control of key core technologies, and establishing imaging specifications and quality control through the entire process of new technology research and development and application transformation Standard and clinical solutions. This direction is based on real-time dynamic multi-mode medical imaging methods, and through the development of innovative interventional instruments and surgical robots, new methods and new systems for precise navigation of minimally invasive diagnosis and treatment are established to realize the integration of intelligent diagnosis and treatment.

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