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Biology and life and health industries are the most active emerging industries in the 21st century. Accelerating the innovation and development of biomedicine and precision medicine will help to seize the commanding heights of the new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial revolution, accelerate the growth of new industries, develop new economies, and cultivate new kinetic energy. Building a "healthy China" is of great significance. Modern biomedical research has already reached the level of molecular cells. Humans are not only looking forward to a comprehensive understanding of every life phenomenon within cells and among cell populations, but also trying to reveal the molecular mechanisms of cell function exertion and regulation under physiological and pathological conditions. As a basic frontier discipline, research breakthroughs in molecular cell biology have important technical support and theoretical guidance significance for revealing the mechanism of disease occurrence and subsequent medical intervention.

Facing the national strategic needs of healthy China, the Faculty of Medicine focuses on the "stuck-neck" scientific and technical problems that restrict the development of my country's pharmaceutical and health industry, recruits international superior scientific research and top talents, and exerts the supporting role of basic science through multidisciplinary cross and cross-industry integration. Through mechanism and system innovation, build a platform and base for research, application and transformation of medical and health innovation. To achieve a series of original scientific and technological breakthroughs in pathogenic mechanisms, innovative drugs, new vaccines, health interventions, etc., carry out research on innovation and transformation of the entire chain of industry, university, research and medical, form original innovation capabilities and integrated innovation capabilities, cultivate high-end talents, and support a group of The three-level discipline branch of international competitiveness and industry leadership continuously enhances the international competitiveness of Tsinghua University's medicine and health disciplines.

Since its establishment in 2001, the School of Medicine of Tsinghua University has attached great importance to the discipline construction and personnel training of molecular cell biology. Over the past two decades, it has established 20 internationally competitive laboratories. The research direction of the laboratory involves membrane proteins and cell signal transduction, epigenetics and tumors, damage repair and splicing, stem cells and regenerative medicine. Disciplinary research uses a number of world-leading technologies, including cryo-transmission electron microscopy, X-ray crystallography, ultra-high-resolution microscopic imaging, deep sequencing, genome editing, functional mass spectrometry, and gene therapy technologies, etc., working together to reveal relevant life The nature of the phenomenon and the molecular and cellular mechanisms of disease occurrence. Especially in recent years, the molecular cell biology research of Tsinghua University School of Medicine has made a number of major advances in succession and has been at the forefront of related scientific research fields in the world. Research results have been published in a series of top international journals such as Nature, Cell, and Science. The dynamic process and function of gene expression regulation, DNA damage repair mechanism, molecular biology technology such as gene editing/molecular dynamic labeling/gene therapy, infectious disease infection mechanism, neuroimmune regulation, neurological disease, etc., have caused a wide range of international counterparts focus on.

Tsinghua University School of Medicine is committed to developing into a world-class biomedical research institution and cultivating biomedical research talents with international perspectives and international competitiveness. In the future, focusing on human health and health, the Medical College of Molecular Cell Biology will further explore the originality of disciplines, broaden the disciplines, strengthen basic research and development, and promote the transformation of results, in order to further enhance the international competitiveness of Tsinghua University's life sciences and cultivate more high standards. Leading talents provide the most powerful and solid guarantee.

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