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Micro-nano medicine and tissue engineering are the intersection of modern life sciences, medicine and micro-nano technology. They are committed to the development of new platforms such as biochips, sensors, biomedical materials, and bionic artificial tissues for the personalized prediction, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of major diseases. , New methods and new technologies. In recent years, a number of representative research results have emerged in the discipline, including: taking the lead in creating and promoting deafness genetic diagnosis chips internationally, making China the world's largest genetic screening country for genetic diseases and leading the development of the genetic diagnosis industry; Since the COVID-19 pandemic, a series of achievements have been developed such as the "Six Respiratory Virus Nucleic Acid Test Kits", "Digital PCR New Coronavirus Hypersensitivity Kits", and "Home-use Integrated Self-service New Coronavirus Nucleic Acid Test Kits", etc., effectively helping fight the epidemic Tackling tough problems; in response to the diagnosis and treatment needs of major diseases such as tumors and fibrosis, the world's first tissue engineering 3D micro-stent that has obtained the qualification of medical dressing from the Food and Drug Administration, the first variable conductivity, self-healing, ultra-light, multi-functional liquid Metal flexible electronic devices, polymer protein-coupled nano-drugs for original tumor targeted therapy, etc.

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