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TropIQ Health Sciences is looking for a talented postdoctoral fellow to join our dynamic group of scientists focused on the discovery of new interventions for poverty-related infectious diseases. The candidate will enroll in a global postdoc training program supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in collaboration with the California Institute for Biomedical Research (Calibr). The program offers a unique opportunity to receive training in drug discovery and translational research at TropIQ while working closely with research teams at Calibr and other global partners. The training program is initially restricted to a total of 20 post-doctoral fellows worldwide. At TropIQ, the fellow willworkaspartofateamofscientiststoidentifyandcharacterizesmallmoleculesthat blockmalariatransmissionfromhumanstomosquitoesandviceversa.Thepostdoctoral fellow will publish their findings in high impact, peer-reviewed journals and may be co- inventoronpatentsrelatedtotheirwork.Thefellowshiphasadurationoftwoyears.

Following successful completion, fellows have the opportunity to transition to permanent positions at the Global Health Drug Discovery Institute, which is being established in Beijing,China by the Tsinghua University and the Bill&Melinda Gates Foundation.

Required qualifications and experience



-     PhD in lifesciences

-     Strong skills and experience in biochemistry

-     ExcellentcommunicationskillsinEnglish

-     Evidenceofcollaborativeresearch

-     Creative, flexible and entrepreneurial personality

Additional preferred qualifications


-     Expertiseinarthropodphysiology

-     ExcellentcommunicationskillsinMandarinChinese

Tasks and responsibilities


The main project will focus on the identification of small molecules that target parasite or mosquito pathways that underlie parasite development and onward transmission. In addition the fellow will dedicate 20% of their time to a project aimed at an understanding of the nutritional requirements for mosquito fecundity. Both projects will use high throughput screening strategies to identify small molecules with modulatory activities. The fellow will be responsible for design and execution of the experimental workandreportingofprojectprogressbothinternallyaswellastotheprojectpartners. The fellow is expected to disseminate the project results in high impact scientific journals.


Who  we are:


TropIQHealthSciencesaimstoacceleratethedevelopmentofnovelantimalarials.The companyisbasedinNijmegen,TheNetherlands,andwasfoundedin2011asaspin-off of the Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Center. TropIQ combines world-class parasitologicalexpertisewithstateoftheartdrugdiscoverytechnologies.Inthesecond quarter of 2016, TropIQ will move to a brand new facility at the Novio Tech Campus in Nijmegen,TheNetherlands.




What  we offer:

The position provides a challenging opportunity to become active in the battle against malariaaspartofanenthusiasticteamofscientists.Theversatilenatureoftheprojects and the multinational setup of the postdoctoral training program provides an excellent basisforwideningresearchskillsetsandbroadeningthescientifichorizon.Weoffera contract for two years at a competitive salary with the prospect of transitioning to a permanentpositionattheGlobalHealthDrugDiscoveryInstituteinBeijing.


How to apply?


Please send your application letter and curriculum vitae to the address below by electronicmail.CorrespondencemaybeinDutchorEnglishaspreferred.Pleasesubmit yourapplicationbeforeFebruary15th2016.


More information and contact dr.  Koen  Dechering,CEO

TropIQ Health Sciences Geert Grooteplein 28, hp268

6525 GA Nijmegen TheNetherlands

E. k.dechering@tropIQ.nl T. +31-6-51483935 www.tropIQ.nl



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