The New Breed of
Identity Management

Increase the Security of Enterprise sensitive data.


Give access to your employees ONLY in locations you deem safe.

Zone Based Access Control

Select the zone from which users can access company assets.


When your employee leaves the zone, access rights are automatically revoked.


When your employees enter the zone, they automatically get the access rights associated with the zone.

Zone Based Access Control


  • Access rights activated when user is in defined zone/location
  • Zone can be defined to a level of an access right
  • Revocation as soon as user leaves the zone/location
  • Mobile client to allow extra location verification on mobile device

Impact Analysis


  • Get an impact analysis of changing access rights
  • Analyze your changes before you apply them
  • Compare the IST and SOLL in graphical view



  • Certify access rights, users and roles
  • Involve the business in access decisions and license assignment
  • Increase efficiency of compliance

User Self Service


  • Provide (business) users with the ability to request additional access
  • Self- service to request access, hardware, tokens, licenses, etc
  • Available on browser as well as mobile client

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