Get ready for Mobile World Congress and the RSA conference

By February 19, 2016In the News

Here’s everything that happened in enterprise mobility management over the last few weeks.

My goal here is to provide a focused listing so that if you’re not following the space every day, you can check in here to see what you missed. (My last news round up was on January 29.)

The Apple and FBI encryption thing

It’s been all over the news this week (click here for a quick explainer). Today Iwrote about it from the EMM angle.

BriForum session deadline

The deadline to submit sessions for BriForum is today. But here’s a secret (shhh, don’t tell anyone I let this out) Gabe usually doesn’t turn the session submission survey off until Sunday night. So if you want to spend Saturday getting a last minute submission together, you can still get it in. Do it by Sunday morning to be safe. Click here for the guidelines and to submit.

Mobile World Congress and RSA

Mobile World Congress starts next week in Barcelona, and there are always plenty of EMM announcements. The RSA conference is the week February 29, and there’s usually interesting EMM and mobile security news there, too. Check back here or follow me on Twitter to hear what comes up.

Recent news

Vera funding Vera is a mobile information management (yes, MIM) startup that allows companies to encrypt files before they’re shared externally. This is a pretty interesting space right now. Recently I met with Ajay Arora (who co-founded Vera along with Prakash Linga) and I’ll do a full write up soon. (You might remember Ajay as the founder of RAPsphere, the mobile app wrapping company that AppSense bought back in 2012.)

AirWatch 8.3 ( article) The VMware AirWatch 8.3 announcement covered a lot of the same news as the Workspace One announcement, which makes a lot of sense considering how VMware’s EUC products are coming together. AirWatch 8.3 also brings a new privacy office admin role, industry-specific policy configuration templates, and more.

IDdriven is a new identity management service that launched this week. There are plenty of vendors that do authentication and federation, so instead IDdriven is concentrating on authorization, account management, access control, zone-based controls, user lifecycle, and similar identity governance tasks. IDdriven was founded by the same group that was behind BHold, a somewhat similar identity management that was sold to Microsoft and became part of Forefront Identity Manager a few years ago.

Avast/Remotium VMI Last year Avast bought Remotium, a virtual mobile infrastructure startup. It’s now ben renamed and re-released as Avast Virtual Mobile Platform. I talked to them a few weeks ago, and Avast is giving the Remotium team plenty of resources and access to Avast technology. Like last year, I’ll be continuing to follow VMI closely, so stay tuned for more. Also, we just made all of the BriForum sessions from last year public, so you can see the VMI session that I gave with Gabe.

Absolute Manage/Heat LANrev ( article) Absolute Manage was a well known Mac management offering; last year it was acquired by Heat software, and it was just re-released as Heat LANrev. Heat itself was formed last year by the merger of FrontRange and Lumension.

VMware Workspace One ( article)¬†Workspace One is the next step in bringing together all of VMware’s EUC products. There were a lot of updates to VMware Identity Manager.


Article via Brian Madden