IDdriven: IDaaS for Solution Providers

By February 18, 2016In the News

Here’s a scary fact for you: a computer security firm polled 4000 employees in the UK, Germany, US and Australia and found about 35% of employees would be willing to sell company data for the right price. 25% said they would sell confidential company data, and risk both their job and criminal convictions for as little as £5000.


That shows why security (and compliance) needs are expanding exponentially worldwide for companies of all sizes.

To fill that need, IDdriven (a California company with Dutch founders and Dutch technology) wants to use the cloud to bring enterprise level security to even the smallest teams and companies.

The three founders (shown below in photo from left to right: Geurt van Wijk COO, Remy de Vries CTO, and Arend D. Verweij CEO) all worked previously for Bhold BV, a Netherlands-based Access and Identity Management software company sold to Microsoft in days BC (Before Cloud).

They got together for a business sequel, working 2-1/2 years to build from scratch a cloud-based Identity and Access Management (IAM) system based on their on experiences with end users. They engineered a product they felt encompassed and addressed all of the technical elements currently missing from IDaaS solutions on the market.

IDdriven is now at the forefront of the new breed of Identity Management and Access Governance as a Service (IDaaS) solutions. These solutions are allowing continuous control over identities and applications as organizations manage their on-premises and/or move their applications further into the cloud.


IDdriven has also launched the worldwide IDdriven Partner Network to deliver their Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions across the globe by partnering with VARs and MSPs.

The IDdriven Partner Network already includes the Oxford Computer Group.

According to a recent report, the IAM market is expected to reach more than $18 billion by 2019. Cloud drives this exponential growth, creating the need for a secure solution that can scale quickly, in on-premise environments and across cloud applications, without the additional costs of installation and unnecessary hardware. Given the mass migration to cloud applications, another recent report suggests businesses can save up to 35% on the annual cost by implementing a SaaS IAM solution.


The IDdriven solution includes “great” reporting capability, access certification, self-service and real time provisioning to cloud and on-premises applications. Here are the highlights:

Easy-to-Understand Pricing – IDdriven is subscription-based and integrates seamlessly with existing Identity Management systems, adding new functionality (while still getting the most out of existing investments).

Simplicity of Product – With a robust and secure back-end running an efficient and easy-to-use UI, IDdriven was specifically designed to be accessible to all users, regardless of experience level. “You don’t have to be a software engineer to write our reports,” notes Arend Verweij, CEO.

Role and Zone-based Access Control – Manages the identities and access rights of employees based on their company role and precise location, anywhere in the world–on all devices. Verweij believes this feature is one with “sex appeal” for companies. Many organizations, such as financial institutions, need to grant executives access to applications within the building (and within work hours) but need to be assured access is denied upon the execs leaving the work shift or the premises.

Self-Service Tools – As employees continually grow and change roles with their company, IDdriven’s self-service feature lets employees request access to applications from your central service desk.

“At Oxford Computer Group, we specialize in working with businesses to implement custom IAM solutions,” says Hugh Simpson, CEO of Oxford Computer Group. “After evaluating the IDdriven solution, I really feel that this company is going to be an industry leader in the area of digital identity. With cost-effective pricing, and zone- and role-based access control, that no other IDaaS provider currently has, we’re expect IDdriven to be a key solution component this year.”

One of IDdriven’s first end user customers was a Dutch utility whose concern was to be able to control which staff could enter which doors in the treatment facility. The ability to restrict entry won IDdriven the contract.

Another feature that gets attention is IDdriven’s impact analysis report: before making a change or series of changes, you can ask for a graphic report on the impact of those changes. Sometimes a small change can make a big difference.

The point is IDdriven is ideal for SPs looking to add a unique cloud service to their portfolio. “In some cases,” says IDdriven’s CEO, “clients will buy us for our unique features so that they can overlay these to complement their existing solutions.”

“We offer partners a 4-step training,” notes Verweij. “And we can have partners up and running in five minutes.”

Article via eSP IT Solution Providers in Europe