IDdriven provides role and zone-based access control

By May 4, 2016In the News

IDdriven is a new ID as a Service offering for any size business that wants to control data access in the work-from-anywhere-on-multiple-devices world. It brings a different approach to role and zone-based access control, ensuring that company accounts remain secure.

“Securing these identities is a must for all businesses, and there is no room for solution startup time. This is where the new breed of Identity and Access Management (IAM) erupts,” says CEO Arend Verweij. “With a simple and intuitive installation, IDdriven is securing the new perimeter – identity.”

The cloud-based platform can be up and running within minutes, adding a layer of security that travels with each employee. “Employees will only have access to company applications and data in regards to their access rights dictated by their role within the company – and when they are within a predefined area or location,” Verweij says. IDdriven is different from market solutions that were built to address stationary access borders at large enterprises.

“IDdriven differentiates itself by not only innovating for a world without business borders; it’s incredibly easy to use and quick to implement,” Verweij says. “IDdriven has an easy and flexible reporting tool and provides real-time synchronization. We also have an impact analysis tool that allows you to see the impact of proposed changes, before you implement them.”

The company is headquartered in Sacramento, Calif., with offices in The Netherlands. It also launched the IDdriven Partner Network, a community of trained channel partners worldwide. IDdriven is offering a no-commitment, free one-month trial.

Article via SecureIDNews