IDdriven: Easy to Use, Simple To Implement

Access Management

  • Role Based Access Control – Based on the employee’s position in the company, they will receive access rights in applications.
  • Attribute Based Access Control – Based on the employee’s position in structures, the employee will receive access rights in applications.
  • Zone Based Access Control – Define the exact location in which an employee is allowed to have certain access rights in applications.
  • Contract Based Access Control – Give certain access rights based on the employee’s contract(s). These can be based on the start and end date.
  • Change Analysis – Get an overview of the impact of proposed changes before they are applied in applications.

License management

  • Report on licenses – Find out whether you purchased too many software licenses. Save costs by running reports and directly see who has what licenses for your applications.
  • Licenses assignment – When a user leaves your organization, licenses are automatically revoked.
  • License control – IDdriven allows you to certify the assigned licenses. Involve the business and let them decide whether a license is necessary or not.


  • Role Certification – Certify your role model. Involve the business and let them certify whether a user can have a business role.
  • User Certification – Certifying your employees will allow you to detect non-authorized users.
  • Access Certification – Allows you to certify the access rights which users have in applications. Often necessary to meet regulatory requirements.
  • Risk Based Certification – Be more efficient by only certifying high risk access rights. It saves time and money!

Risk Management

Manage all access rights with IDdriven and focus on managing high-risk access rights. Identify risks and start proactively managing them.

  • Risk assignment to access rights
  • Risk analysis
  • Risk reporting

Account Provisioning

  • Employment assignment – A new employee that joins will get his access right in an automated way, at the right moment, based on the assignment he has. Employees can have multiple assignments and these can provide additional access rights.
  • Management of start and end dates – IDdriven will automatically grant or revoke access rights according to the employee’s assignment dates.
  • Event based activation and deactivation of accounts.


  • Easy to create customized reports
  • Distributed reporting
  • Export to Excel/PDF


Integrate all your cloud and on-premises applications.

  • Integration with many cloud apps
  • Integration with on-premises applications

Self Service

Self-service is one of the many product features of IDdriven. It allows end users to perform actions which are normally done through an often complex service desk process. A user can select the roles from a list. These roles have business names, so the user knows what he need to request. The manager can approve his request and IDdriven takes care of the rest. It is so simple and easy to use.

  • Request roles or devices (access rights)
  • Request roles or devices for others
  • Delegate roles
  • Manage your own attributes